Cryo Bio System and sustainable development

Naturally sustainable development

In the last few years IMV Technologies group has taken many steps toward sustainable development and social responsibility, whether this concerns daily operations or larger scale projects. This initiative is one of IMV's strategic goals.

Deep respect for the environment

The company's Green Team, which includes members of all IMV departments, works daily to spread awareness of environmental problems to employees, partners and suppliers. Concurrently, IMV Technologies group is developing a new range of products that incorporate the principles of eco-design, and the company conducts an annual carbon survey (Bilan Carbone®), with the goal of reducing any unintentional impact IMV's business may have on the environment.


New packaging box, environment friendly

The « GREEN » range expand with this new packaging in biodegradable plastic for CBS straws. High design and practical, this new packaging is made of a new material that is 100% biodegradable and composed of renewable resources. It is the first time that this innovative material is used in France !